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Autumn Jones & Jeff Hargett won the 2012 Professional Division and Overall Championships at this year's National SHAG Dance Championships.

Who’s On the Videos?
Thursday night features the first round for the following divisions: Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Professional and Seniors.

Friday night features the second round of dancing from these divisions and the Masters contestants dance for the first time on Friday night.

Saturday night features the second round of dancing from the Masters Division and the top contestants from each division who survived the cut and they each dance one more round. The Saturday Finals also feature the NSDC Dance Team, the recipient of the Beth Mitchell Scholarship Award, any exhibitions and special presentations along with the Awards Ceremony.
Are They Good Quality?
You bet! We’re not amateurs and we’re not hobbiests. We’re in the video business professionally and couldn't compete if our quality was poor. You’ve probably seen and heard shag tapes that were recorded using a home camcorder; the camera shakes, the picture is dark and gritty and the sound is poor. We light the dance floor, mic the emcee, get an audio feed from the deejay, select a prime shooting angle and record it all using a professional camera and tripod. I added it up, we use $30,000 of gear to videotape the NSDC, and that’s only the shooting. We then edit the videos, creating an open, and superimpose each dancers name on the screen. Whew!!! It’s a lot of work, but that’s what you’re paying for.
How Long are the Videos?
Each video, Thursday, Friday and the Saturday Finals runs approximately two hours. The current Thursday and Friday tapes are almost two and a half hours, while the Finals video is right at two hours. It can vary year to year, depending on the number of contestants entering and the formats being used by the NSDC Committee.
Do You Have Past Years
Yes! Our NSDC Library dates back to 1988.
How Do I Order?

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards and therefore you cannot order off this Web site, but the good news is, we do accept checks. To order just download the printable order form.

Indicate which videos you would like – Thursday, Friday or the Saturday Finals and which year. Don’t forget to include a check (since 1988 we’ve only had two bad ones). Each DVD is $50 or you can order the complete DVD set for $135 ($45 each).

The price does include all shipping and handling fees. Please allow two weeks for delivery. (The current year is not available for shipping until mid-April.)

Where Else Can I Find the Videos?
Stages Video Productions is the only authorized distributor of the NSDC videos and currently they’re only available through us. If you find one somewhere else, it’s a BOOTLEG! They’re worse than a computer virus. They’ll destroy your DVD player and if it doesn’t the image and sound will suck! Of course if you’re in Myrtle Beach you can always stop by our office and pick one up in person. Just call first to make sure we’re in and to make sure we have what you want in stock.

National SHAG Dance Championships 


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